Sunday, May 1, 2011

Retrofit: Easter Sunday Skirt

I've had a week off from blogging to get my analog life together, which is why I'm spending my Saturday night updating my blog.

If you were in the Northeast last weekend, you felt spring and a touch of summer finally, finally coming. It was fantastic. Anywho, this is me wearing my new 1950s circle skirt for the first time:

I definitely think it needs a petticoat, so I'm in the process of hunting one down for under $50, as I'm rather broke (story of my life). I also don't know that I'm in love with the white t-shirt pairing, but I had to wear my new skirt on such a beautiful day. I swear, the sun shines brighter in Brooklyn than in Manhattan, never mind that I'm standing in the shade. The skirt has tiny flowers on it that are somewhere between baby blue and periwinkle, so I'm wondering if maybe the skirt doesn't need a top that color. What do you think?

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  1. I think the skirt looks great with the white top, but maybe baby blue or some other shade of blue (or perhaps purple) will look good too :). Love your shoes by the way!

  2. Very pretty; it sure feels good when the temperature gets above 70 degrees and out come the spring/summer skirts! BTW you were very smart to buy a prom dress that you knew you could wear again...great idea.

  3. Circle skirts are the best things every- I love how you can make them casual or fancy so easily- I think it looks adorable on you and like it with the little white top and belt- super cute!!!


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