Thursday, June 23, 2011

Need Your Expert Advice!

I love that my blog has gotten me in touch with a lot of experts and now it's time for me to call on said experts. This weekend is the 6th Bi-Annual Jazz Age Lawn Party and I have no idea what to wear. This always happens to me when I go to 30s themed events, it seems. I have one flutter-sleeved dress, but unfortunately, I'm wearing it right now and besides, it's not made of a good material for picnicking in 80-degree weather.

I have this dress

which I bought in December for my trip to Panama but didn't wear. Amy Jeane did an amazing post on sailor fashion from the 1910s to the early 1940s. I lovelovelove nautical-inspired looks but I'm worried the shape of the dress is too "wiggly" to be associated with the 30s; it's more of a 1940s pin-up look, don't you think?

Here is the dress I wore my high school graduation. This is a terrible grainy iPhone photo I snapped on my way out, but it his at about midcalf and does a cute flounce thing starting about the knee. Can that work, with maybe a nice white knit beret?

So, my lovelies, tell me what you think. Will either of these work or should I try to put something together using basics?

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  1. I vote for the sailor style dress - I think it's adorable! I'm afraid I'm not well versed on 1930s fashion or what defined the era style wise. Of course, the white dress looks like it would give you more room for dancing...not quite as snug fitting.

  2. Is that the jazz picnic on Governor's Island? If so you are SO LUCKY. I went a few years ago on my only ever trip to NY and loved it.

    I would go for the sailor dress - it could be a 30s style depending on length, and if you wear it with 30s style shoes and hair it should work :)

  3. Thanks, ladies! Yes, Penny, it was the Jazz Age Lawn Party but obviously, I didn't make it. August, definitely.


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