Friday, June 10, 2011

Photo Friday: The Puerto Rican Pepperpot

Even in a place like New York, you notice when there are extra Puerto Rican flags around, and just today it hit me that that's because this Sunday, the Puerto Rican Dy Parade will be making its way through Manhattan. I love how festive the city is in summer and a lot of that has to do with people gearing up for big parades (on deck: The Dominican Day Parade, the Brazilian Day Parade, the Pride Parade, and the Caribbean Labor Day).

It's a shame this lovely photo of women at a Puerto Rican Day Parade was my first Photo Friday post because it's so lovely.

But I poked around and found this great photo of Puerto Rican actress, dancer and pin-up Olga San Juan.  She got the nickname the Puerto Rican Pepperpot, but in this publicity still from 1944 she looks decidedly sweet, not spicy (for the record, I'm annoyed by how Latinas are always referred to as spicy. For the love of God, women are people, not aji!).

I randomly pulled this clip of her and she has so much personality. I can see why she was always being compared to Carmen Miranda. 

Have any of you seen her movies?

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