Thursday, June 9, 2011

Pop-o-matic on the Internetz

My boyfriend really hates it when I say Internetz. Good thing he never reads my blog (?)

Anywho, I got a wonderful compliment today. It makes my heart positively sing, even though I'm really frustrated by not having the time to fix this place up properly.
ModCloth said, "We know you'll love our mid-century style clothes!" and then I was all like, duh do you even have to ask? And then they were like:

 See that? Adorable.

Also: I've caved and started a Tumblr. I didn't think I needed more Internet property since I barely tweet and I'm not always so great about updating this thing, but I kept getting links to really great Tumblrs. And sometimes, you just wanna collect the photos you find inspiring. Presenting: It's D*Lovely.

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