Sunday, June 5, 2011

Retrofit: Why, Yes, I Am Wearing a Petticoat!

I searched high and low for a petticoat for under $50 in the white or tan family and I finally found one! $20! for a vintage petticoat! Obviously, it makes me very happy:

We've all got a little can-can in us
This is a dress I bought towards the end of the August when I started to think about fall clothes. I've worn it a ton of times but waited to post a picture because this is one item I felt really needed a little fluff. Without it, it just hangs there and such a pretty dress deserves nice undergarments. It was an incredible Etsy find. I'm so in love with the pattern on the dress! 

Dress - far out vintage on Etsy
Petticoat - Lady Vargas on Etsy
Shoes - Chelsea Crew

My boyfriend is fired as official photographer because he didn't tell me my hair was sticking up. I apologize for the sad cropped photos but my background was rather unsightly. Womp womp.


  1. You're right, such a gorgeous dress does deserve a petti to fully show off its beauty! I love the pattern on it too, very modern!

  2. Oh, what a bargain! Petticoats are so nice :)


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