Friday, July 29, 2011

Photo Friday: New England Bluestockings

Last month, I went to my high school's five year reunion (that's when I wore my favorite yellow dress). It's kind of crazy to me that it's been five years since graduation, but I suppose time flies when you're having fun?

Spending time away from my high school, a fancy-pants private school in a smallish Massachusetts town, made me appreciate it even more. I loved it while I was there and was so sad to go after graduation but now I really feel connected to a really long and important tradition. Does that sentiment smack of elitism? Probably a little bit, but that's not why we're here! On to the photos:

Thursday, July 28, 2011

This Week on Pandora: High-Heeled Woman

This week, I've been exploring rockabilly music, which I don't know a whole lot about. And what better way to learn about new music than Pandora? I made an Imelda May station (more on that later) and I heard this song for the first time, which I absolutely love.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Weekend Update

I know it's Tuesday, but I'm going to post about my weekend anyway since it was full of fun vintage things. My weekend started on Thursday night, as all good weekends should. I braved the stifling heat and went to Prospect Park with The Boy and his father for the Celebrate Brooklyn West Side Story sing and dance along. I was stuck to my seat with my sweat so I just sang, but some brave souls did dance. The setup was great. They asked everyone to choose a gang and go in separate entrances based on what you wanted. My boyfriend and his dad wanted to be Jets but I said absolutely not! I love Rita Moreno and therefore, we will be Sharks. Win.

Ryan Muir Photography
I had on a great purple outfit because, duh, the Sharks wear purples and reds, but I got too sweaty and gross for it to be worth it to take a picture. It was really too bad because I got to use a new skirt. Photos coming soon.

Friday, July 22, 2011

The Girls In Their Summer Dresses

This young lady appreciates a good dress
This week, the New York Times ran a *eh hem* groundbreaking trend piece on the resurgence of the dress as a summer wardrobe staple. Designer Nicole Miller says dresses were "unhip" four or five years ago, which is what makes them cool now.

It's a little weird to me that the times paid someone to write about how great dresses are because they've never not been great. Ms. Miller says dresses are having another moment because vintage-inspired styles are becoming increasingly popular. But for those of us that love vintage, we've never stopped loving dresses. Other than accessory hand-me-downs from my mom, aunt, and grandmother, the first piece of vintage clothing I ever owned was a dress. I'm trying to force myself to stop buying vintage dresses when I buy vintage so I can mix and match things more easily.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Really, It's a Cinch!

As of late, I have seen a number of wonderful ladies in love retro looks around the city. There is just one problem with their ensembles: the damn belt is on backwards.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Photo Friday: Sidewalk Stories

The thing about Brooklyn is you can find almost anything you want or need right there on the sidewalk. Last Saturday I was on my way home from a play. It was about 1 AM but luckily a street light helped me spot a treasure trove of books waiting for trash day.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Retrofit: A Little Sketchy

Wow, guys, thanks so much for all the comments on my last post! I do really love those yellow dresses.

Since summer started I've been looking for 1) a vintage novelty print dress and 2) a white dress. Imagine how happy I was when I found one dress to fit both bills!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Everybody, Everywear: Yellow

I'm delighted by this month's Everybody, Everywear challenge because a) I have the perfect new-ish dress (it came in the mail last month) and b) it's just so easy for me. Remember when I participated in the EBEW floral challenge and I said I don't do small flowers? Well, the same goes for my approach to yellow. I have four--count 'em, four!--yellow dresses and this one is the latest addition to my collection.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

This One's For the Boys Overseas

This 4th of July I was extra patriotic and went to the Liberty Belle Spectacular, hosted in part by Dances of Vice. There was a great band playing classic patriotic songs, burlesque and we could the Macy's Fireworks from the roof of the hotel. When it comes to Dances of Vice, you of course have to dress for the occasion so I came up with an idea for an outfit and got two friends to help:

Friday, July 1, 2011

Photo Friday: Kids at the Johnny Pump

Independence Day is upon us, which means the summer is officially in full swing. For this week's Photo Friday, I wanted to capture summer in New York City with a classic scene.

"Children playing in the spray of an open fire hydrant to escape the ongoing heat wave."

Taken in 1953 by Peter Stackpole, from the LIFE photo archive.
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