Thursday, July 14, 2011

Retrofit: A Little Sketchy

Wow, guys, thanks so much for all the comments on my last post! I do really love those yellow dresses.

Since summer started I've been looking for 1) a vintage novelty print dress and 2) a white dress. Imagine how happy I was when I found one dress to fit both bills!

Now, please bear with me. It was twilight when my boyfriend took these photos on his deck and they looked a lot better on my camera than they do right now. I also just have a crappy camera that tends to turn out sad photos at night. But you can certainly get a sense of the dress (and don't worry, you'll probably see it up here again!)

Dress - nautiegodiva on Etsy, shoes - Aldo

This is a dress from the 1950s made from Schwartz-Liebman textile that features pen and ink drawings of everyday scenes like farms and  libraries (at least, I'd like to think the structures with columns are libraries). I love that looking into my lap is an adventure when I wear this dress because there are so many different drawings. The style makes me think of the illustrations from the Nancy Drew books I read when I was little.

Here, you can get a better look at the drawings and the unhemmed sleeves. I think this dress will need a little love: hemline shortened, sleeves finished, nipped in at the bust, but it will be more than worth it.

I'm not very tall, so I compensated for the length and slightly staid color scheme with a bright 5-inch heel.

I thought to myself, how come I never wear these shoes? And then I put them on and remembered.

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  2. i love it! that is such a cool print.

    and abt the frizzy hair, why don't you wear it curly in the summer? almost like the texturized look, or is that not possible with relaxed hair?

  3. Great print and the dress fits you like a glove! :)


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