Wednesday, August 17, 2011

20SB Blog Swap: Summer Skies Are Beautiful

20-Something Bloggers paired me up with Liz for their annual blog swap. The topic: Summer Lovin'. Here's what she had to say:

This summer was a bit strange for me.

You see i usually revel in my social life as lacking as it might be.

This year, i took Bruno's advise.

Well, at least as it has to do with going out.

Otherwise i was very busy.

The funny thing is...from just a glance it would never look that way...

I looked forward to this time ALL year and when i got it i used it for the many things I'd hoped to.

I'm still in the process of reorganizing my closet and basically moving, even if it's just to the second floor. I said good by to a cherished friend, I began and am still organizing my writing, having printed 55 of 102 self written poems and read through half (50,000 words) of a novel that's been on my mind for a year with 50,000 more words of said story to go.

I discovered how amusing i find nail art! Despite my visual impairment.

(forgive the mess i'm new at this and working with little sight and a serious nystagmus here)

Went to the last movie of installment of the book that will always light a fire in my heart.

I received my computer which is going to guide me through the next chapter of my life; University.

I watched old movies BUtterfeild8 and Strangers On A Train something i've always wanted to do as all things vintage make me happy happy joy joy :)


Heck i haven't even been to the beach except for work and i live on a caribbean island! lol

I wish i could say i feel like I've wasted it but i don't.
My friends miss me and i get it.
But sometimes i get strange and just really really need time to myself.
I enj0y every morsel of quiet every lack of voice.
I commune with me and get ready for when the voices that wont stop start again.

For when students cry out to a moneyless me that they haven't eaten any breakfast and so cant concentrate on their math, for when parents yell because the monetary assistance that comes does not com into their pockets but rather actually where it's supposed to go, to their childrens' school life via bus fare or lunch, to when higher ups demand criteria that is only for face value, to when everything everything everything is said but little is done.

I get ready for new term,
new challenges,
new tests of education and character
i get ready for September

When the quiet is scares and everything is moving despite itself, in every direction, least of all forward.

So for now?

Let me stare at clear sky as the storm clouds brew.

Cause hey! Blue skies are beautiful!


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