Saturday, August 6, 2011

Crapshoot: L.A., Days 3 and 4

Last night, I passed out before I could post any photos. Too much fun at the Santa Monica Pier, I suppose. We spent the evening at Pacific Park

where I rode the largest solar-powered Ferris wheel in the country.

My cousin let me borrow her DSLR, so this shot isn't quite so bad as the other Crapshoot pics
My daytime activities were most luxurious: manicure, pedicure, massage, and delicious peach-green tea. Hence the big smile:

Random t-shirt
Cardigan - Nordstrom
50s sweater clips - Etsy
50s skirt - Etsy
Shoes - Anne Klein
My apologies to Diane of JustinaSmartypants on Etsy. I'd meant to post a photo of myself in the gorgeous lavender skirt I purchased from her to wear to the West Side Story sing-along but it was about 95 degrees and humid: less than flattering conditions. My plan is to wear this 1950s skirt to death until the end of the summer.

And now, today's Crapshoot photo:

I love all the old cars I see in California, especially the Beetles. We don't have as many back East because, as I understand it, the moisture makes them rust much faster.
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  1. Very cool! I used to hang out in Santa Monica, but I don't visit much anymore. I haven't been on the ferris wheel though! I've been meaning to get back to the observatory as well..that's the next weekend afternoon trip I should make! You look like you had fun and I adore those sweater clips! I've been eying some on etsy myself :)


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