Friday, August 19, 2011

Delightful Dames

Nothing warm my heart like a demure but devilish pin-up. A twinkle in her eye, wind in her skirt: what could be better? So imagine how happy I was when I picked up these five pin-up cards at the Brooklyn Flea a few Saturdays ago:

Theses are all Elvgren pin-ups that appeared on the calendars he designed over the years. I love Gil Elvgren's work. His characters tell stories, they have context.  These women are more girl next door than the ethereal, aloof goddesses by Vargas. What I discovered by shuffling the deck (these cards come in a pack of 100 or so) is that some of the pin-ups actually have names, which is nice. Of course, I didn't actually take any of them home, but I like them because that makes them human.

It was tough, narrowing my selection down to just 5 choices, but the ones I chose had something to do with me.

Spotty Performance: I'm a working girl navigating the working world. Sometimes I wish the biggest mess I had to clean up was an ink stain.

Lavender Lovely: Purple's my favorite color, duh. All joking aside, I like that she's sweet and approachable. From the back of the card:"While many of Elvgren's calendars sold to traditionally male industries such a, auto body repair and machinery supply, a subject like this one found favor in women's interests like beauty salons, jewelers and dress shops. After all, who could resist the opportunity to look as fresh and lovely as 'Lavender Lovely'?"

Always In Time: Every day I wish I were in the Caribbean. Plus, I love the Carmen Miranda fruit necklace.

Sailor Beware:
I grew up in New England and even though I sometimes get seasick (and can't really swim), I love the ocean and boats. Also, I really want a yachting cap.

Rare Edition: When I grow up, I want to write a book. I also believe nothing is sexier than a smart woman. This painting is also the icon for my Goodreads book club, The Bluestocking Salon.

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