Monday, August 29, 2011

Retrofit: Black, White and Red All Over

I mentioned last week that my boyfriend and I recently started taking swing classes. I didn't buy this skirt because we started swinging, but it's perfect, isn't it? My swing instructor certainly liked my outfit.

Shirt - Guess (Buffalo Exchange)
Suspender skirt - Chic Star
Vans saddle shoes - Zappos

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  1. Your skirt is adorable! I also need a suspender skirt in my life, as soon as possible! :)

  2. Swing dancing is so much fun. Jealous that you have the perfect partner to go with! When I go, I usually get stuck with dweeby older guys asking me to dance. I love your skirt, and the shoes, too.

  3. how cute are you and your b/f?! i wonder if i could get mine to take some dancing class with me. i absolutely adore this look! the suspenders are too adorable.

    thanks so much for voting for me! there's still time left to get some more votes in :)


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