Friday, September 9, 2011

Photo Friday: More Bluestockings

I desperately don't want to believe fall is coming. I'm ignoring the leaves on the sidewalk, I'm ignoring the lower nighttime temperatures, I'm ignoring the triumphant return of the pumpkin spice latte to Starbucks. Hence, the yellow gingham dress I"m wearing today (more on that later). Still, you can't escape the back to school commercials, which get me thinking about back to school clothes.

I'm out of school and sadly no longer getting back-to-school perks from my mom. Still, I've been thinking a lot about vintage collegiate style and yearning for a pinafore like this one:

I love old photos of studious young women like these that went to my high school, and I love style influenced by school uniforms (see: super-nerdy skirt). I mean, look at the size of those books! This is not a woman just studying for an MRS degree. I wonder what school she went to? Either way, she seems to really be liking it. What was your favorite back to school purchase?

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