Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Black Americana on Tumblr

via Vogue Italia

I'm bubbling with crazy excitement after seeing (and drooling over) Brandon Littlejohn's Black Americana photo essay project. He and photographer Rod Gailes OBC got together to show the other side of black life in the 1950s. Plenty of people left the race problem at home and had a good time. Littlejohn is frustrated by the same things that frustrate me; black people weren't a monolithic poor, marching mass in the 50s and 60s and it's not fair to portray them as such. There were a fair number of professionals and people with summer homes. In fact, I look at these photos and remember my own summers on Martha's Vineyard, a place that has long been a vacation spot for blacks.

(Did I mention that dude is 24? And while researching this project, he only listened to music from the 50s and dressed the part, too? Brandon, if you're reading this, will you be my friend?)

I dare you to look at the photos from the Island in the Sun series and not want to join that party. Check out his Tumblr, too. Bravo, Mr. Littlejohn, bravo.

Update: Brandon has asked me to ask you guys to help him out with his project. Make a donation on Indie Gogo
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