Friday, November 25, 2011

A Very Vintage Thanksgiving

I ate an ungodly amount of food yesterday, as is the custom. I swear I'm still stuffed from yesterday, both with food and nostalgia. There's no time like the holidays to look back and feel cozy.
We usually spend Thanksgiving with my aunt but my mom cooks a bit. Here's her really old recipe box:

This box holds magical secrets, some of which I copied into a notebook this afternoon. I even found my great-grandmother's recipe for melt-in-your mouth rolls printed on a tiny sheet of paper. With a typewriter.

We also break out that kitchen mainstay, the Good Housekeeping Cookbook, more for guidance than for recipes. There are all kinds of tables about the interior temperature of properly cooked meats and diagrams of a properly set table. This copy belonged to my grandmother, may she rest in peace, and we think it was printed in the 60s, but I'll have to double check the date. I really want to get my own copy but I feel like the newer edition just won't have the same charm.

In keeping with the spirit of the season, I debuted my delightful late 50s, early 60s plaid Kay Windsor dress. According to the Vintage Fashion Guild, Kay Windsor was a label started in 1940s in Massachusetts (my home state) by Carl Shapiro, a man who later donated piles of money to Brandeis University. He made reasonably priced dresses for working women. In 1954, he released a line of dresses called "Private Secretary" to go with the television comedy of the same name starring Ann Sothern. The label and print ads, also starring Sothern, read, "Ann Sothern chooses this 'Private Secretary' dress by Kay Windsor for the look career girls love." Vanity Fair bought Kay Windsor, but the line was discontinued in 1982. I think this dress is so charming and very snuggly, since it's made of wool. Bonus: It has pockets! I wonder what secretary wore this?


  1. What a cute dress!

    I kid you not, my mom had that same Good Housekeeping book when we were kids. I'm at her house now, I wonder if she still has it?

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