Monday, December 12, 2011

Photo Friday: The Holidays with Etsy

I had every intention of getting this up on Friday (see: Photo Friday above) but I've been both sick and slow so here it is, Photo Friday on Monday.

Anywho, The Boy and I headed to the Making Smiles Bright event, hosted in the Etsy Labs in Brooklyn. The good people at Etsy partnered with Magnolia Photobooth and let people come take photo booth photos with holiday backgrounds. For $5! We dressed up for the Twin Peaks set, thinking we were only allowed to do one. I paired my 1960s plaid skirt with a festive red cashmere sweater and my saddle shoes. Audrey Horne would approve.

Feeding him one of those donuts Dale Cooper likes so much
Kissing this adorable deer cancels out the creep factor of Laura Palmer's portrait in the background

Thanks, Etsy! What do your holiday cards look like?

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  1. I love the pictures! :) Looks like you both really enjoyed yourselves. I might actually shop for Christmas cards this year *gasp!* Can't remember the last time I actually sent one.

    Btw, we need to hang out lady :D


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