Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Everybody, Everywear: Black and White

Black + White | Everybody, Everywear

I don't really wear black and white. Don't know what it is; I just never seek out ensembles in those colors. Jackie O. made the observation that people who wear white shirts with black bottoms always end up looking like waiters. Plus, in high school and middle school, all my orchestra and band concerts required black pants and white button-down shirts, so that particular combination leaves a very stuffy, uniform-y taste in my mouth.

However, I have a black and white gingham top I wear to death and, more importantly, my saddle shoes. I wear my Vans saddle shoes to death, and I like to turn the shoe of good girls and poindexters on its head by pairing it with a saucy pair of tights, like so:
Saddle shoes and fishnets, wardrobe staples
Camera was on the fritz, so to Instagram we go!
Fishnet tights by Spanx. You need these in your life.

My black and white saddle shoes go with just about everything. And the things they don't go with? Well, I'll be getting a pair of tan and white saddle shoes for spring and summer.


  1. I think I might need some new saddle shoes in my life. They look so cute!

  2. Ooo, those saddle shoes are cute! I could use a pair and I definitely need to invest in more tights!~ :)

    I love the combo - great idea!

  3. Your shoes are absolutely adorable! I totally need some to spice up my shoe collection. I love how you paired them with unexpected fishnets. Such a fun look!

  4. Your saddle shoes are adorable especially with sex kitten fishnets.
    I sure wear mine more often.

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