Thursday, February 2, 2012

R.I.P. Don Cornelius

I was so, so sad when I heard that Soul Train creator and host Don Cornelius had passed away yesterday. I was even more shocked when I read that it was a suicide. The New York Times does an incredible job of eulogizing him and expressing his importance, but what I find most disturbing is that no one has really seemed to say anything about it being a suicide. Don Cornelius was 75 when he died, but most people assume suicide is just about young people. The truth is, a lot of elderly people get depressed, and their young family members who are supposed to be looking out for them don't always notice it. Suicide rates are twice as high in people ages 80 to 85. This isn't to blame Cornelius' family; my heart definitely goes out to them, but the loss is especially painful because there's a very good chance his death might have been prevented if he'd received treatment.

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  1. i just stopped by to say happy birthday & got caught reading... we heard all sorts of helicopters going on that morning and figured something was up, it was this. i couldn't believe it.


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