Sunday, March 18, 2012

Photo a Day #6: Family Jewels

I finally got the Internet in my new apartment up and running, which means I can actually get stuff on to the blog with some regularity. I hate that it's the 18th and this is only my sixth photo a day post, but onwards!

For the first time in years, I'm using this jewelry box that belonged to my grandmother. She was married to an army man and this little box came all the way from Japan in the late 50s.

Though I always liked this jewelry box, it never made it to college with me because my parents were so worried someone would steal my jewelry, they insisted I put all my jewelry in a little lock box. Irony of ironies--one summer, when I was home, almost all of my jewelry was stolen in a break-in. So much for the lock box.

But I'm really glad to have this box in my grown-up life. It's a lot more elegant than a lock box and it reminds me of my family.

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