Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Coming Up Roses

I spent my Friday night at the Champagne Riot and the Rioteers didn't disappoint. Jezebel Express and Gin Minsky, two of the Rioteers, were fantastic as usual. Jezebel did a great number that involved popping balloons. I love it when burlesque includes a little joke here and there. Stage kitten Evelyn Vinyl performed for the first time at the Riot and her classic fan dance was, um, fantastic (I like puns too). Pardon, everything had to be Instagrammed because my camera's flash has gone kaput. Not that I took many photos anyway, but here's Evelyn anyway:

Miss Evelyn Vinyl debuts her fan dance at Champagne Riot

I chatted with the nice man next to me, an older gentleman who's the last of the put on a suit and speak Brooklynese generation. He decided to come, by himself, to the show because he read about it in Time Out New York. He told me he didn't like skinny strippers and we had a good laugh.

I didn't have the right floral dress, so I took the chance to get a new Kay Windsor goody from Vintage a la Mode, via Ebay. It was a steal and it's gorgeous.
At Champagne Riot in a Kay Windsor dress #vintage
And there's Gin Minsky and Dandy Wellington in the background!

My friend took photos so a proper photo should be on its way soon. Of course, I popped a few stitches doing the Charleston, but that's an easy fix.
Stay posted for information about the next Champagne Riot, and check out the events calendar for more fun stuff to do this week!


  1. A fan and vintage?? Your blog is sooooo Babushka.

    Look forward to following you and bienvenida to Latina Lifestyle Bloggers.



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