Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Retrofit: Last Chance Outfits

Today is one of those gray, cool days we get at the beginning of spring. Yesterday and plenty of the days before today have been beautiful but not all of them have, so I've been trying to get some wear out of cool weather outfits I love.

First, a never before posted goody from ModCloth:

I've said it before and I'll say it again--there's nothing like a dress with pockets. I love cowl neck and the 1960s scooter dress feel of this. Very sweet.

Something not so sweet? The suspender tights Christina of Peek Brooklyn gave me for my birthday.

co-starring my cat

A couple weeks ago I had a chance to pull out my favorite sweater vest. I can't believe it never occurred to me to put this outfit together before. I love the school uniform feel of it (probably because I never had to wear a school uniform in real life). That weird black lump by my feet is my cat.

70s sweater vest- Etsy
60s plaid skirt - Etsy
shirt - Marshalls
saddle shoes -Vans
And today's outfit, a lovely dress I can't believe has never made it to my blog. It's not vintage but it was a steal. I scooped this Calvin Klein dress up at the after Christmas Lord and Taylor sales the year before last and I love it.

sorry for the blurriness. That weird black thing?  It's just my cat.

My former boss (who was a woman and not a creep) told me I looked smokin' hot in it. There's nothing in this world like a sincere compliment from another woman. The bold pattern and shape feel very 60s to me. I happen to consider the dress good luck because I've worn it on two job interviews that went really well. Alas, spring is more or less completely upon us so this one will go to the back of the closet until the temperature drops in the fall. Not that I'm rushing it.


  1. j'adore that last dress, and i agree with your boss ;)

  2. Love the plaid skirt on you! So pretty you look!


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