Monday, April 23, 2012

Table of my dreams

About two months ago (egads, two months already?) I moved to a new apartment. I've been slowly getting things in order and making it feel like home. The hardest thing has been getting the dining/living area set up. A former coworker of mine was a huge help when he sold me his Formica table with red vinyl chairs from Target.

Let's leave the table for a minute. Guys. These chairs have glitter. These are the Lucy Diner Chairs from Target. I can't think of a more cheerful place to eat breakfast, lunch, dinner, elevenses, afternoon tea...

The table is fabulous Formica and has a leaf in the middle for when I have extra guests over. Unfortunately, I won't have more beautiful red chairs for them, but they'll live.

I have the table but I definitely need help putting the rest of the room together. Full disclosure: I'm not actually that good with color. As I was browsing Apartment Therapy, I found this amazing iPhone app called Sherwin-Williams ColorSnap. You take a picture of anything and it generates paint chips.

  Diner table Colorsnap panel

I think I may want to go all-out retro and add turquoise accents, but it's definitely a lot of fun to play with.


  1. love it and chairs are my favorite thing. :)

  2. Very cute and much your style. BTW I'm going to consider getting that App because God knows I could use a little help with the decoration of my room, lol.
    thanks for posing that tidbit up :)

  3. Have you seen their online app Chip It? it gives you the paint chips that match any image online. so addicting!


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