Monday, May 7, 2012

Dressed for the Races

This year's Kentucky Derby viewing party at The Bell House was just as much fun as last year's (even though this year we had to pay $10 to get in to the previously-free bash. I'm on to you guys).
Anastasia of La China Loca came with more of her gorgeous hats. I didn't get one this year, but I certainly have my eye on the purple number in the front with the great big feather.
La China Loca hats
Sorry! I had to make due with my phone since the flash on my camera is still broken. Womp, womp.
My friend Rebecca and I did some square dancing (hilarious) and then cooled off with some mint juleps. I always forget how grossly sweet those things are, but you kind of have to suck it up and go.

Rebecca had a proper hat but I had to settle for flowers. Hey, if Lana Turner can get away with it, then so can I. I wore the 1950s Kay Windsor dress I wore to the last Champagne Riot and now you can get a proper look at it.

Frankly, I think these photos Rebecca took of me are more flattering than *eh hem* the one of me on the Wall Street Journal website. They even took my name, spelled it right, and asked me what I was wearing. I've been feeling famous all day.

Kurt Wilberding for the Wall Street Journal

You see, this is a dress with pockets and if I'm not careful, it bunches up a bit around the hips, hence the wee bit of chubbiness. But no matter! Here's my 15 minutes.

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