Thursday, May 17, 2012

Manhattan Serenade at Duane Park

Last night I took my boyfriend and the same game friend that went with me to the Kentucky Derby party to the Wednesday night burlesque show at Duane Park, starring Dandy Wellington and His Band. Duane Park is one of the most popular places to see burlesque in New York, especially with a live band, but last night was my very first time.

Before we get to the girls, let's talk about something really important: food. I've never had cheese grits for dinner/anywhere outside of a greasy spoon but these cheese grits at Duane Park are delicious. Rich, smoky flavor. I almost lost my mind. Also, try the miso duck salad.

The performers came onto a stage in the center of the restaurant. It's a small, beautiful space, so even though we were set up at the bar, it felt really intimate. Peekaboo Pointe was the star, so to speak. I've been raving about her since the Peek Brooklyn launch party at City Winery so I was so excited my boyfriend finally got to see what I'd been talking about. Peekaboo Pointe was fantastic, though I won't lie, I was hoping for a bit more of her jaw-dropping ass action. Chicava Honeychild wasn't originally on the invitation but I got excited because it's rare to see burlesque performers of color so yay representation. And Amber Ray, who's another big name but one I'd never seen before, does incredible things with her boobs.

Unfortunately, my camera is still on the fritz. So I don't have any good pictures of the show, which is really too bad because Amber Ray had this purple costume that screamed Mae West. The good news is, I was able to take a sort of blurry photo of this incredible dress I bought from Bop and Awe on Etsy. Look, it's in my sidebar!

I'm about to throw my camera out of the window

Jean, the owner, is really, really incredibly helpful--getting this dress was quite a pain but I'm so happy it's here. This is a deadstock 1940s raw silk number. Swoon. I've never bought any vintage with the original tags, so this was pretty exciting stuff for me. It feels a little bit like being on a treasure hunt with your friends, finding everything and running away before they even know you've found it.

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