Friday, May 18, 2012

This Week in Instagram

Some say that because Instagram has gotten so popular it's now completely useless and not cool. As someone without a properly functioning camera, I'm going to go ahead and say that Instagram is still very cool and so each week I'll be sharing stuff with you guys from my Instagram account, and maybe even from my friends' streams, since they have interesting stuff too.

Really, I use Instagram because I'm always amazed by all the stuff I see. The beautiful details in a building, adorable dogs, a great pair of shoes. Taking pictures when I'm not "prepared" to makes me realize that even on the crappiest days I'm surrounded by beauty. So. It won't always be vintage, but it will hopefully be interesting.

(click to enlarge)


1) An amazing leopard-print dress form in the Marshall's on 18th Street.

2) Party Like it's 1959. Cute! I want all their glassware, teapots, cake stands, napkins...God, I love Fishs Eddy.

3) This is a sign down the street from my house on a beautiful day. Look, ma, no filter!

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