Friday, May 4, 2012

Vintage Kentucky Derby Fashion

Sigh. It's the day before the Kentucky Derby and I don't have a hat. Derby fashion, as we know, is all about the hats. I don't really care about horse racing (the most exciting two minutes in sports, they call it); I'm in it for the clothes. Here's some of the best vintage Derby fashion the Interwebs has to offer:

The big floppy straw hat is always an option.

The gorgeous Lana Turner with Tony Martin at the Kentucky Derby in 1941. Perhaps I should consider a comb with flowers instead of a hat? My hair is really short.

This photo isn't fashion-centered so much as just plain nifty.

The official website of the Derby has a whole section dedicated to Derby Fashion. Have a look here.

Do any of you have plans for Derby Day? Do you have hats (or suggestions for a hatless girl?!)

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