Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Swinging at the Jazz Age Lawn Party

After a long work week, a lazy day on Governors Island with Michael Arenella and the Dreamland Orchestra playing in the background was just what the doctor ordered. On Saturday, I got into my 20s and 30s inspired best for one of my favorite summer events in New York, the Jazz Age Lawn Party. 
the most stylish girl in the hot dog line
on the ferry!

I'm quite proud of this outfit I put together and wish I'd thought of this earlier. The shirt and oxfords you've seen before but the glasses, clip-on bow tie and shorts are new. Together, they were $16! I scooped up the shorts at the American Apparel warehouse sale and the glasses and bow tie for $4 at Reminiscence, a great thrift, vintage, costume, and novelty (whew! mouthful) store. And the socks. The socks are what I love most about my outfit. On a random shopping trip, my fairy godmother-aunts insisted I have these argyle socks from Cole Haan. I never much liked the knee sock look, but I'm doing it and I'm loving it.

I helped my sweetheart get into the spirit with some thrifted suspenders.

Poor thing, his knee is hurt so he couldn't dance much. He just had to be arm candy. The Lawn Party draws a big swing crowd because of the live bands and the 50 x 50 wooden dance floor in the perfect shady spot. We took it easy, looked at the vendors, and enjoyed the delicious St. Germain cocktails. Their signature cocktail is so bubbly and crisp. They might replace my costumary brunch mimosa.

There was a cute dance performance too! And I got to meet the wonderful Amy of Wildfell Hall Vintage in person. She's so, so sweet.

I think I may go in August (check out the dates and info here), this time with a bigger group of people. At first I was annoyed that the ticket price had more than doubled in the last year (from $7 to $15), but it was still worth it. And I know in August I need to be as prepared as this crowd:


  1. oh thanks so much for the mention here, wasn't it a blast! I am def' going to be there in August and hope you will be too, take care! Amy,

  2. You look fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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