Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Everybody, Everywear: Does It Count if It's Black?


 I've missed doing the Everybody, Everywear challenges every month, and I really wanted to try this month. Except the challenge is monochromatic and that's really hard. At least it's hard if I don't just put on a solid-colored dress, or all black like I did. Besides, in my day, the "monochromatic trend" was called being matchy-matchy. Eh hem.

Ugh, my office is hideous

Eyelet Hanky Panky top - gift from aunt
Belt - stolen from friend
1960s pencil skirt - Reminiscence

According to the magazines, if you do a monochromatic outfit, you're supposed to play with texture, so I tried that. Not sure how I feel about the results, but boy, am I in love with my new leopard Guess pollys!



  1. Absolutely black counts! And you look great!
    Love the shoes!

  2. Those shoes are amazing! And that dress looks great on you. :)

    -Mary @ stylethatmoves.blogspot.com

  3. i'm your newest follower :) Feel free to check out my blog too~



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