Sunday, September 30, 2012

New York Burlesque Festival at Brooklyn Bowl

Every fall, by the time I think of the New York Burlesque Festival, it's already come and gone, but not this year! I got my ticket to see the Friday night show at Brooklyn Bowl. It was fantastic. About four full hours which is really, really long considering there were no seats, but the acts were fascinating. I saw everything from the plain bizarre (a boylesque performer in an igloo dancing to Britney Spears wtf?) to the very witty (a great Salome and  John the Baptist routine). And my poor knees couldn't even handle the entirety of the second act. But I absolutely fell in love with Calamity Chang's "Asian Hooker" act and I think I may be following her around New York.

Brilliant commentary set to a frankly fucked up song. Bravo, Ms. Chang, bravo.


  1. I'll never be able to look at Hello Kitty the same again. ; )


  2. I am honored & glad you enjoyed this act. It's one of my own personal favorites!


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