Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Retrofit: Up, Up and Away to Coney Island

A few weeks ago, in a scramble to cross things off my summer bucket list, the Boy and I spent a cloudy Sunday at Coney Island. We walked around and played a mean game of air hockey (he still owes me a rematch). I also got to prance about in this Anthropologie dress I got about a month ago from Housing Works for $12. 

How cheerful are these balloons? The best part, though, is that I get to sing this song when I wear the dress:

I had to sing this song in my fourth grade musical. Don't ask. Originally by 5th Dimension but this is so hilarious.


  1. JU SO FONII!!! That video's a hoot, but you look adorable in the outfit. Keep em flying mija.


  2. love your dress!! i have been dreaming of going on a hot air balloon ride, but the prices :/ are so expensive. coney island looks so awesome!


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