Thursday, November 15, 2012

Bond Title Sequences, Ranked

I saw Skyfall last weekend and I'ms till in the throes of Bond fever. Which is why I'm extra excited about this article on Time ranking and analyzing all the title sequences for the films, a very important job indeed:

"Since the first Bond movie in 1962, every film (with a few notable exceptions) has started with the same trademark image: a view down the barrel of a gun. It’s a part of the James Bond legend as iconic as his vodka martini, but it’s also a cue for audiences to inch a little farther forward in their seats. Because what comes next is often the best part of the entire film: the James Bond opening scene. It’s like getting an extra Bond movie squeezed down into a tidy, 10-minute package: chases, fights, gadgets, kisses and quips, all segueing neatly into the (equally iconic) opening credits and theme song."

This latest title sequence is fantastic (credits contain a teeny spoiler, so watch out), but the author hits on some gems from Bonds past.

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  1. i do agree that the title sequence is quite nice, and for Skyfall it was great and I love ADele so made it even better... but i dont know, there is just something about Daniel Craig that i dont like as a bond!



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