Monday, November 5, 2012

Retrofit: Sweater Girl in Stockings

I don't have a laptop right now, hence the lack of posts in the last week. The Boy was kind of enough to let me steal his computer for this quick outfit post.

While I hate the cold, I lovelovelove the sweater girl look. And today's low temperatures meant I could wear my favorite 1960s wool skirt and a cashmere sweater (it felt even better slipping into this outfit when I woke up and there was no heat or hot water ugh).

sweater - Christmas present from my aunt
1960s pleated plaid skirt - gogovintage on Etsy
Shoes - Tahari (thanks to DSW)

I don't have the bullet bra pads that really complete the sweater girl silhouette but the hand-me-down bra 1980s bra from my mom does the job okay for now.


And the very best part of this outfit:

The shoes, you ask? No silly, not the shoes. My very natural looking 1950s Saks Fifth Avenue stockings!

Untitled Untitled

Now, I don't mean to be fresh but I wanted to show just how the stockings matched the rest of my leg. As a woman of color, I go absolutely nuts trying to find hosiery that matches my skin. But these, something I dug out of a forgotten drawer at my favorite Brooklyn vintage store, are just what I need. A 10 denier stocking, the color is called Caribbean. Last winter, I got bought two pairs from the box and luckily, the last three pairs were still in the box and I knew I couldn't just leave them there.

They're so delicate that you have to be disciplined and really put together not to ruin them. That means quickly filing your fingernails and running a Swedish file over your heels before slipping into them. Slowly. It's a nice little ritual, something to brighten up a blah Monday. Very ladylike. Now all I need is a comfortable but slimming six-strap open bottom girdle.


  1. LOVE that outfit! IMHO no girdle needed, but a big buckle leather belt would be fun. BB2U

  2. What a great outfit. I had to laugh, an 80's bra is retro? LOL

  3. look gorgeous girl i totally LOVE the outfit! great job and very unique.. would you like to follow each other? I will follow you on twitter since i do not see the Google following...xx stay in touch!

  4. Very cute outfit!! Can't believe you found 1950's stockings!! Fantastic!!

  5. Absolutely beautiful! And yay for stockings that match!

    Mary Ellen
    The Working Home Keeper


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