Thursday, December 13, 2012

Getting Ready for the Train Ride

I'm really, really excited for the Vintage Peacock Train ride this summer. Swing dancing on an old train in my vintage finery? It's going to be fantastic.

I have friends that want to go but don't know what to wear and I get it. When I go to a 30s-themed event, I always end up having to Google some stuff. But what I've learned is that when recreating different eras the two keys are silhouette and accessories. Which basically means you can probably find something in your closet. Think of this as your quick and dirty guide to 1930s fashion.

Try to find a pencil skirt that reaches to midcalf (I know) with a little bit of room in bottom, something a little mermaid-y. A flute hem pencil skirt is ideal. In the 1930s, there were plenty of embellishments on blouses around the neck and the sleeves. So the bow blouses that are everywhere right now can easily be incorporated into a 30s-inspired outfit. Puffed sleeves work well, too, or a short-ish sweater belted at the waist. For accessories, keep the earrings either small and dangly or embellished studs. If you have a beret and it actually looks good on you (lucky) stick that on at a jaunty angle a la Marlene Dietrich. Add a pair of heels oxfords or t-straps and you're good to go!
1930s inspiration

1930s inspiration by itsdlovely featuring stella mccartney

Still not sure? I recommend checking Fashion Era, an invaluable fashion history website. Have fun getting dressed!


  1. Thanks for the cool guide and the link. I'd love to go on a train ride like that, that's such a great idea!

  2. Take LOTS OF PICS on that train mujer- it sounds like such a fun and different adventure! Thanks for the info and link, going to do some wedding research. ; ) BB2U

  3. Looking forward to seeing more pictures of the Vintage Peacock Train event! Thanks for sharing the valuable fashion history link. :-)

  4. The pencil skirt is a little long for me and believe me, I'm not a leg shower or anything but its a fun look and a fantastic era!

  5. love love love your 1930 inspired outfit! :)cant wait to see the photos from the event..

  6. love Marlene Dietrich and t-sraps. ;)


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