Sunday, September 30, 2012

New York Burlesque Festival at Brooklyn Bowl

Every fall, by the time I think of the New York Burlesque Festival, it's already come and gone, but not this year! I got my ticket to see the Friday night show at Brooklyn Bowl. It was fantastic. About four full hours which is really, really long considering there were no seats, but the acts were fascinating. I saw everything from the plain bizarre (a boylesque performer in an igloo dancing to Britney Spears wtf?) to the very witty (a great Salome and  John the Baptist routine). And my poor knees couldn't even handle the entirety of the second act. But I absolutely fell in love with Calamity Chang's "Asian Hooker" act and I think I may be following her around New York.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

I'm on ModCloth!

I'm a longtime fan of ModCloth, so when they put out the call through their Instagram that they wanted to shoot street style photos of their customers, I went running. I was actually fighting the flu that day (I'm not sure if I was sweating from the heat or from my low-grade fever). But I had a brand new dress from Amy at Wildfell Hall that I really wanted to have photographed, so I took some Dayquil, stuffed my purse with tissues, and got on the train.

1950s plaid shirtwaist - Wildfell Hall on Etsy
Purse - stolen from my mom, 80s
Mary Jane pumps - Spring Shoes

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Hungry Construction Workers, 80 Years Later

This month marks the 80th anniversary of that iconic photograph "800 Feet Above 47th Street" (1932). You know the picture: those guys chowing down like they're not about to plummet hundreds of feet to their deaths.

Friday, September 21, 2012

September's Rebel Night

Held in the dirtiest, stickiest tiki bar, Rebel Night it something I look forward to every month. Put on something leopard print and head to Otto's for the best rockabilly party, with music from the original 45s!

From last month's Rebel Night. These guys know how to have fun!

(click here for more information)

Sunday, September 16, 2012

House Beautiful: A Nice Cool Drink

I love going to the Brooklyn Flea to pick up things for the home, like my lovely sugar, flour, coffee, and tea tins. It's a great way to add charm to basic household items. A few weeks ago, in the thick of the summer heat, I was going to just go to Target and get a pitcher to put iced tea in. I lucked out on a beautiful day at the Flea and got lucky with this cute1950s pitcher for $14 (the vendors were really good to me).

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Everybody, Everywear: Schoolmarm Style

EBEW - Back To School 

I love that this month's Everybody, Everywear challenge is back to school. Granted, I'm in denial about the crispness in the air in the morning (it'll be 80 degrees later today, who needs a sweater?) but the sense of renewal fall brings definitely comes from back to school. It's sort of nice. It's also sort of nice to not have to spend all my money on textbooks.

I've long been a fan of collegiate and prep school looks from the 30s, 40s, and 50s. And look at these adolescent dapper dans in the 1960s--I'm proud to say I went here for high school, but, you know, way after the girls were separated from the boys and told to take five years to complete the rigorous English program.


I love suspenders, plaids, and saddle shoes, but more often than not, I tend to think of my style as [sometimes] sexy schoolmarm. Hence, the sweater clips.

Boy, was it windy!
1960s shirtwaist
Cardigan - Nordstrom
Shoes - Anne Klein
1950s sweater clips - Etsy


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Retrofit: Up, Up and Away to Coney Island

A few weeks ago, in a scramble to cross things off my summer bucket list, the Boy and I spent a cloudy Sunday at Coney Island. We walked around and played a mean game of air hockey (he still owes me a rematch). I also got to prance about in this Anthropologie dress I got about a month ago from Housing Works for $12. 

Saturday, September 1, 2012

"Real Cool Killers"by Chester Himes

The last week has been really insane. I don't have Internet at my house right now so the best I can do is my the Blogger app on my iPhone. It's been hard, what with all the photos for my blog being on my camera or laptop.

Anywho, Monday, the boy and I passed by my favorite bookstore, Unnameable Books in Brooklyn. While he looked for the latest book in The Song of Ice and Fire series (nerd) I browsed the tables. I picked up this gem of a pulp novel from 1959 by Chester Himes. Now, Himes wasn't just a two-bit scribbler like a lot of tee pulp novelists; he wrote "real" books, one of which I even read in my college courses. His novel "If He Hollers Let Him Go" is about the issues black servicemen faced in World War II. It still counts as gritty--there's plenty of violence and obscene language--but the characters are well-drawn.