Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Retrofit: The Forgotten Vest

Before jumping into this first Retrofit post in 9 million years, can I just say how much I love all the responses I'm getting in the #everydayglamour giveaway? In addition to the usual like Shabby Apple on Facebook, follow me on Twitter yada, I asked readers what makes them feel glamorous on a normal day and the answers are great:
"Whenever I need a little pick-me-up, I always thrown on one of my favorite necklaces. I don't know why but it always helps!"
"I can't every day, but as often as I can I take a bubble bath. Something about soaking in some sweet scented bubbles makes me feel like a movie star! Definitely adds glamour to my day."
"If I take the time to deep condition my hair it has a natural wave to it that makes me feel a little glam!"
I love hearing these things, especially since I feel I'm in a bit of a style rut. I've moved to a really laid-back office where, frankly, I feel a little bit out of place in petticoats or even a pencil skirt. It's silly; I should know by now that it's okay to be myself and do my thing, but between being exhausted, earlier hours and the cold, jeans and a sweater are all I can put together right now.

Outfits like this one are great for days when I'm trying a little bit but the dress and the heels and the shapewear are too much. This is a photo my dad took over Thanksgiving. Sometimes I scroll through the photos on my phone that I've made my boyfriend or my dad take for the blog that take ages to make it here and feel terrible. So, Daddy, think of this as a thank you and I'm sorry.

Lauren by Rakph Lauren button down - Marshalls
Skinny corduroys - TJ Maxx
1950s men's sweater vest - Etsy
I have had this lovely sweater vest for two years and it has never made it to this blog. Odd, because it gets plenty of use in fall and winter. It's cozy and very substitute teacher chic, I think. And pants! If you poked around here, you'd think I didn't own a single pair of pants, but that's definitely not true. As fir the vest, it's a man's vest from Marshall Field & Company.

I did some digging when I first got the vest and found out that Marshall Field & Company was a Chicago retailer with its roots in the late 19th century. The flagship was a huge store on State Street. It was acquired by Macy's in 2005. I love these bits of wearable history, where you go on a little treasure hunt to find out about the brands and things. And the modern department store, frankly, just isn't what it used to be.

What are your favorite treasure hunt-like vintage finds?


  1. Great little find!! I normally go to our local thrift store ad see what I can come up with.

  2. love your outfit. :) especially the saddle shoes and sweater vest. I also enjoy finding out the history about my vintage pieces. :)


  3. i love sweater vests! :) looking cute like always


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