Sunday, February 17, 2013

This Week in Instagram: Lurve Edition

I love Valentine's Day and always have. I was lucky enough to spend another one with my sweetheart but even if I were single, I'd still be sprinkling the world red colored sugar and candy hearts. Here are some lovey-dovey Instagrammed photos plus other delicious things.

1) I got a birthday card with these lovely commemorative stamps. I used to collect stamps because I was that much of a dork when I was little.

2) I cut out these hearts to bring some Valentine's Day cheer to my office.

3) I enjoyed some pink champagne on Valentine's Day with my sweetheart. Why don't people drink more of it?

4) Even in my vintage finery, this burger didn't stand a chance.

5) This year is Grand Central's centennial and the Metrocards have these lovely old photos on them. I was so surprised when this popped out of the machine last week.


  1. I love how each picture has a great story! :-)

  2. I haven't noticed the metrocards and the old grand central pics. Very nice. :)

  3. Pretty cute pictures. Heading that way to follow you

  4. looooks like agreat week! now i want a burger! :P

  5. I love that last picture (the ticket one). The roundup is a fun idea!

  6. I love the metro card and how it came out. I bet that little bit of sunshine made your day.

  7. Cute round up of Love pics! Hope you had a great Valentine's Day!

    The Accidental Mrs.

  8. I love seeing vintage through your eyes. Much better than seeing them in the mirror through MY eyes. ; ) Keep enjoying Valentine's Day mijo, it shows the love that's inside. BB2U

  9. Pretty cool way to celebrate! Happy belated VD!


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