Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A Short Short Hair Updo Tutorial

I've never done a tutorial before but I'm going to try it now. Bear with me. I feel compelled to through my hat into the ring because there are just so few hair tutorials for short haired girls. Not girls with shoulder length or chin length hair: actual, real short hair.


This style is something I've been doing for a few years now, after I got the bright idea to just sweep up the rest of the curls I had from the curly fauxhawk I used to wear for parties (I know). It's inspired a little bit like Gene Tierney and Billie Holiday. Gene Tierney had rather ong hair but we short-haired ladies can make do. Just look at Billie Holiday! One summer I wore this style with a few white flower hair clips and I had a man, who may or may not have been homeless, shout, "Hey, Lady Day!" So I think it works.

From this picture, you can see my hair is quite short (and sort of in need of a trim). This just goes to show you you can do a lot with a little. I've just washed it and deep conditioned it.

You can certainly use magnetic rollers but this is the method I prefer: end paper, mesh roller and roller pick. Curly haired girls should consider this method because it gives your roots the tension you need for them to dry straight.

So I set my hair. The rollers from the crown of the head forward and rolled  forward and the ones behind are rolled back. The sides are rolled down as well. After years of roller sets, mine still look a little bit sloppy but they do the trick. 

And then I sit under my handy dandy dryer for about an hour until I have dry, springy curls. I'm making a face because it's not always comfortable. Sometimes I have to put a towel between my ear and the dryer because it gets really hot.

Lounging in my dad's terry cloth robe. So comfortable.
Read a book, watch a movie but do not make the mistake I did and try to do your nails at the same time. I still have red nail polish on the bonnet from making that mistake. Once your curls are dry, this is what you get:

This is what you have to play with. Brush the curls in the back up and secure with bobby pins. Then do the same on the sides and secure with bobby pins or even better, side combs. I find for the sides, it's best to brush from the hairline back to the point just over your ears. Smooth in some pomade to get things to stick in place and fluff up the curls with the same fine-toothed comb you used for the roller set. And this is the finished product! I can get a solid five days out of this set, usually. I put most of the curls in the front and the size in rollers, and then fluff and go before leaving the house. I also put some hairspray at the roots to make it last.

Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions in the comments.


  1. Excellent!! Now how about posting this same tutorial on Youtube??!! The only book I've come across so far that shows a vintage hairstyle for black women is Vintage hairstyling by Lauren Rennells - and that shows only one style, where the model is sporting a weave. Not helpful for us short/medium haired girls!!!

  2. Oooh my goodness, what an incredible tutorial! Thank you so much for sharing - you look gorgeous!


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