Tuesday, March 5, 2013

eShakti Update plus Pin-ups Dominicanas

I'm excited that you're all excited about the discount code eShakti gave my readers. I have good news and bad news. The bad news is there was a technical glitch and the discount code wasn't working. The good news is the good people at eShakti caught it, they felt terrible, and they're now offering readers a chance to use the discount until March 20 instead of March 10. Just enter code PPMTCDELXE at checkout.


 In other news, my friend passed on info about a very exciting event happening in Harlem (sorry, non-New Yorkers). The Dominican Republic's first and only pin-up studio Ladybug Pin-ups is showing photographs this Thursday from 7 to 10 at APT 78 (4447 Broadway).
Harlem is really far from where I live in Brooklyn, especially on a weekday, but I think this exhibit will be worth the trek. Alina Vargas is the photographer and owner of Ladybug and her work (and her models) are gorgeous. And I always believe in supporting, displaying and celebrating pin-ups of color. Check out her website for more photos and see the Facebook invitation here.

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