Thursday, March 28, 2013

New York in Bloom: Macy's 2013 Flower Show

Spring is doing its best to get here, despite the snow we got a few days ago. But going to the Macy's Flower Show this Sunday made me feel like winter was definitely on its way out.

This year is the 39th annual Macy's Flower Show, held in a tent in front of the flagship Macy's in Herald Square. The theme is The Painted Garden, showcasing flowers from across Southeast Asia. The displays inside the tent are absolutely breathtaking. I felt like I'd stepped outside of New York. And I was amazed at how many flowers we see all the time in American gardens that originated from Southeast Asia. Like hydrangeas, for instance.

And I was absolutely blown away by the orchids. So many orchids!

My first time seeing a blue orchid.

I brought some of my own orchids, too.

Macy's is also running a series of events and workshops during the flower show, like cigar rolling and flower arranging. My friend and I looked at the schedule beforehand and decided on high tea in the fine china department. I pictured sitting at a little table nibbling daintily at scones; that's what I got dressed for.

1940s shirtwaist - Wildfell Hall Vintage
Belt - H&M
Shoes - Poetic License

It was probably silly of me to hope for that but I was disappointed all the same. Preserves company Harvest Song presented a tea rose preserve. We got a little bit with goat cheese on a tiny cracker There was supposed to be a demonstration of one of those blooming teapots, but I'd seen it so many times on QVC that we skipped it. But the setup was gorgeous! It makes me think it's time I got serious about my teapot collection.

Surprisingly enough, those are preserved tea rose leaves

It's on sale, but not enough of a sale for me.

Even without tea, it was a wonderful way to spend a Sunday. And since I work so close to Macy's I'll probably visit again; I want to check in on the bouquet of the day. Macy's Flower Show, Herald Square, through April 7; closed Easter Sunday

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  1. oh wow what an amazing event! and you look darn sweet in that dress lady! x


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