Monday, April 15, 2013

Music Mondays: 3 Songs from Annette Funicello

Last week, we lost Annette Funicello to MS. Funicello was 70 but still had all the spunk and sweetness of Deedee, her character in the Beach Party movies. Deedee was sometimes a little annoying ("Oh my gosh, sex is icky!) but she gave us lots of great songs.
A cheery Hawaiian number that always gets me bouncing in my seat.

A sweet duet from an adorable couple (who managed to stay squeaky clean while their friends had sex behind boulders on the beach. Just saying.)

This duet is a lot more heartfelt than the one before. I definitely believe they're in love. So, so sweet. Annette Funicello will certainly be missed. Luckily for us, she lives on through Netflix, where you can watch all the Beach Party movies.

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  1. Love these videos. It always strikes me women from that era had so much charm and grace you don't see now in the era of plastic surgery. Thanks for sharing and for participating in the Musical Monday!


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