Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Retrofit: A Gift from eShakti

Ages ago, eShakti contacted me about reviewing a dress from their site and run a giveaway, too. The great thing about eShakti is for some of their styles, you get to enter your measurements. You are essentially getting a custom dress for off-the-rack prices.

To really test their services, I opted for a halter style, something I almost never do because the fit never seems quite right. My mother says my shoulders are short or something.

I love this dress and it's that simple. IT was such a joy to wear it last week when the temperature hit 80 degrees for the first time. My shoulders in the sun after a seven-month hibernation; it was gorgeous. So much so, I was willing to wait in line at Shake Shack for an hour. The weather and scenery made up for it but my feet were killing me by the time I was munching on fries.

Dress - courtesy of eShakti (buy it here)
Shoes - Dolce Vita

I love that the cotton is nice and stiff so I get a great circle shape. I love that there's a little boning in the sides.  And I love that it has pockets! However, I think I either lost some weight between ordering the dress and first wearing it (about a month passed) or I just plain can't read a tape measure, because it's a bit too big  in the waist. That's nothing a quick trip to the tailor can't fix.

A teeny, tiny, piddling, picky thing about the halter itself: for this to be a truer 1950s style, I think the straps should be moved further from the center, so it looks like some of their other halter dresses:

Again, something I could take up with the tailor if I really wanted to. But that doesn't change the fact that this dress is fabulous. A big thanks to the people at eShakti.

Have you ordered from eShakti before?


  1. That is a very flattering dress. And it looks super-comfortable! Thanks for the review. As an eshakti virgin, this encourages me to try them.

  2. The dress looks gorgeous on you - personally l haven't tried eShakti myself but after having seen how the dress fits on you l might consider visiting their website!!!

  3. That looks lovely on you! I love the shoes with it too.

  4. You look fantastic in that dress! I'm a big fan of eShakti too, and love the chance to see their clothes on real ladies. It really makes all the difference in buying! I don't think I'd have given that dress a second look on the dress form, but on you? I would.

  5. Looks great on you! It's also a reminder that I haven't tried on my eshakti dress yet to check the fit and also get my review post done, thanks for the reminder!

    Hoping over from #LLBlog to say hello!

    Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly

  6. Seriously, I love it. Even though the straps may not be up to '50 snuff, they look INCREDIBLE on. Skip the tailor!

  7. No but I have heard of them from other blogger pals of mine. They rave about their dresses and they have had them for some time. that says a lot about the dress & eShakti.

  8. That looks absolutely stunning on you! BB just might get over her fear of the measuring tape and order me one of those!!! Great review. BB2U


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