Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Taking to the Streets for the Easter Parade

The Easter Bonnet Parade is one of the things that is so special and wonderful about New York. Where else would the snooty tradition of people leaving their big, important churches to show off their new spring clothes and hats turn into a wacky, loosely-organized parade more than a hundred years later? I'm sure "society" people from Edith Wharton's New York roll over in their graves each Easter when people strap hilarious, adorable DIY creations to their heads. I spotted a steampunk contingent, a Sinatra impersonator, one gay 90s couple, a fairy and many festive dogs.

I wore my favorite shirtwaist from the 60s, a hand-me-down trench I love, 1950s sweater clips with my cardigan (it's still chilly; layering is key) and a petticoat. Pardon the wrinkles; I was so sure I'd steamed them all out, but there you have it.

And since I had issues with my glue gun, I wore the little fascinator the Milliners' Guild ladies made for me at the Bonnet Bash.
. Here are some of my photos from the parade. See if you can spot the bunnies getting naughty on one reveler's hat.

After the parade, I went to my little cousin's birthday party--happy 3rd birthday!

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  1. you look gorgeous in that dress & what a perfect trench! looks like a fun parade too.


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