Monday, July 29, 2013

Music Monday: Ain't Nobody, the Salsa Version

Things have been nuts in my offline life, so it's been quiet around here. That'll change this week, though, especially since I know you all want to hear about the booty shaking magic of the Summer Burlesque Blitz.

Last week, I was dancing salsa outdoors, as one does in New York. I was so pleasantly surprised to hear this salsa cover of an already amazing song by Chaka Khan. When this song comes on in the club (generally a club I'm in with my parents, no judgment), I push people out of the way and go into a crazy lip syncing solo because it's just that good.

And this salsa version? It's the perfect union of 80s R&B and Latin groove. I love it when I find a good salsa cover of an R&B or pop song. It's a good reminder for us that while salsa is rooted in music traditions from the Spanish Caribbean, it's still very American, born right here in New York. Are you dancing yet?

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