Monday, July 1, 2013

Music Mondays: Let No Man Put Asunder by First Choice

What better way to advertise a Colombian bakery in Queens than, well, with queens?

Yesterday, I danced around the Village for Pride. It's one of my favorite New York parades because it's wonderful, rainbow-colored chaos. It's as political as it is celebratory, making it more than just a spectacle. That's exactly what happened when the float when by playing "Let No Man Put Asunder" by First Choice.

The float was a church (the name escapes me) that was happily welcoming LGBT couples to get married under its roof. Their song was a powerful choice. It's disco, born out of gay clubs. But the lyrics aren't really party-friendly. It's a song about the sanctity of marriage, fighting for "what has been joined by God". It made me so happy to see a church saying love between queer people was just as important, beautiful and godly as that between straight people, and they did it in a way that made me dance. It's a day late, but I think it's still appropriate to say happy Pride, everyone.

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