Sunday, August 11, 2013

"I Love Lucy" Dress Went for $168K--and I Have One That Looks Just Like It!

via Daily Mail

The sweet polka dot dress Lucille Ball wore in "I Love Lucy" made its way to auction this week and while the organizers were sure it would fetch a good price, it was more than they expected. They thought, "Oh, we're sure the dress will go for somewhere between $40,000 and $60,000, which is chump change, obviously." But then some insane collector went and bought the dress for $168,000. Thinking about my yearly salary in comparison to the winning big makes me really, really sad.

I mean, it's not like that dress is even that special, right? Because this style of dress was really common for the time. Shirtwaist with the ever popular polka dots, circle skirt--very common and very adorable. And the white collar is just darling. Through some poking around, I learned dresses with those big white collars are referred to as Kity Foyle dresses, named after the title character of a Ginger Rogers movie. When they made the film, they put Rogers in white collars to really brighten her face and emphasize her innocence, even though she was a Philadelphia girl down on her luck. So, there's your trivia for the day.

Here's my Kitty Foyle dress. I've had it for two years and it somehow hasn't made it to the blog.

Please pardon my windswept appearance. I took this picture across the street from Central Park on a very windy day. I got this dress from my favorite vintage store here in Brooklyn, and the belt came with it. Any  time I find a dress with its original belt, I do a little somersault on the inside because that's not always common. So I think the dress is adorable and fun. But to be honest, while I had to have it at the time, I don't wear it a lot because it can come off as costume-y, even though I'm dead serious about dressing in vintage. Blame it on all the horrible "I Love Lucy" costumes all over the Internet:
Yuck. Just looking at this thing makes me itch.

Do you have any vintage items you think come off as a costumey?


  1. Wow that is crazy! I'm with you it's not an "extra" special dress. I like yours better:))

  2. I don't think it looks costume-y at all, would have never thought that! I think it looks great. Where is this vintage store in Brooklyn you go to? Is it Monks?

  3. Thanks for the lesson on the Kitty Foyle bit, very interesting! On you, that dress is incredible and not costume-y at all; I especially like how your shoes connect with the collar.
    I have a couple polka dot dresses, navy and white, and they come off incredibly costume-y on me with my red hair. I always get several Lucille Ball comments when I wear them, but that hasn't stopped me yet!

    It's funny to see that Lucy dress in color- never would have guessed it was brown!


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