Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Meet the Beauty (and Brains!) behind the Blue Ribbon Bombshells: Andrea

Most women are still girls that love to play dress up, at least in some capacity. So when I heard about the Blue Ribbon Bombshells pin-up contest, I really wanted to put on something cheesecake-y and have fun with it. The Blue Ribbon Bombshell pageant is the contest that happens during the Blue Ribbon Beer Run, a car show and rockabilly weekender at the Pabst Blue Ribbon factory. I couldn't make it to Wisconsin this July for the contest, but I talked to organizer Andrea Maleu about both the main event and running the community (complete with photo contests) year round. See what she has to say about cars, the contest, and what every pinup needs in her arsenal.

Stay tuned for the Q&A with Andrea's partner in crime, Ann!

How long have you been doing Blue Ribbon Bombshells/Beer Run?
Andrea Maleu: We have been working on the Blue Ribbon Bombshells and the Blue Ribbon Beer Run for approximately a year and a half. It's been a labor of absolute love.

How'd you get interested in pin-up? How'd you start participating?
I got interested in Pin-up after I had entered a Pin-up Contest in Symco Wisconsin called The Miss Symco Pin-up Contest run by Sarah "BO PEEP" Schimke. My husband had been working on his car a 1950 Ford Shoebox for 6 months. His dream was to get it to Symco. I surprised him by entering the contest without his knowledge. I thought this was a great opportunity to show him my support of his hobby/ interest.

Do you collect vintage? What's your favorite era?
Personally I do not collect vintage. My favorite era although would probably be the 20's and 30's. I love the freedom, the dress and the music of this time. It seems that women were reclaiming their independence and Harlem had its Renaissance. Marlene Dietrich wore a tuxedo and androgyny was in. This time speaks the most to me.

Do you have a lot of rockabilly/pinup friends? How can people make those friends if they're not already a big part of the scene?
I have a variety of friends. Some Rockabilly some not. I have a Gemini rising and never like to get pigeon holed into one particular scene. I have met my Rockabilly friends at a a ray of Car Shows and music venues. I love Rockabilly music and the dress. I am a hairdresser by trade and love the hair styles too!

What do you look for in your Bombshell of the week? In the pageant winner?
The Bombshell of the Week is a open forum. First come first served. We took 25 contestants last year. We asked for a submission photo and a synopsis of who they were. We look to emphasize empowerment, individuality, courage and strength. Amazingly a lot of our Bombshells were Service women and Police/Firefighters looking to find a softer side of their being. We were blown away by the response. Each and every Bombshell was kind, charismatic and considerate. It really showed when they all met in person at the Blue Ribbon Beer Run for the Pin-up Contest. I could have not been so proud of each and every contestant. They all worked it!

What are your favorite places to shop?
6. My favorite place to shop is the Tip Top Atomic Shop in Bay View, Milwaukee.

What are your pinup girl essentials?
Your Pin-up essentials are a good red Bomber Betty Custom made lipstick. Bobby pins, hairspray, mascara and a heavy black liquid liner.

Any advice for aspiring pin-up models?
My advice for aspiring Pin-up models is to believe in yourself and the world will too. Sexuality is not threatening; it's empowering. Self-esteem and confidence comes from self-acceptance and the rest will naturally fall into place. The Blue Ribbon Bombshells believe that each and everyone one of us is valuable. We are sisters who look out for each other and let each other's light shine bright. That is how we roll. We are a community of like minded women that want to uplift each other not tear each other down.

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