Monday, August 26, 2013

Music Monday: Such a Night (1962), plus an Outfit

Friday before last, I went to Rebel Night, a monthly rockabilly night here in New York, and I got a chance to wear a fabulous new skirt. But first, the song:

Such a Night by Vince Everett, 1962

It's so happy and romantic and, thankfully, the DJs play it at every Rebel Night from an original 45.

tank - H&M
Skirt - Switchblade Stiletto
Shoes - Anne Klein from Goodwill ($14!)
I love that this antique mirror my parents gave me make my selfies so much classier. This skirt has such a great amount of stretch that I can dance jive and even salsa in it, but I love how it tucks in my waist a bit and gives me great curves. It made me feel like such a bombshell! And the colors make it stand out from the closet full of practical (read: neutral) work skirts I have. In general, I've been wondering if my look is a little too cutesy so I'm glad I was able to add this little number to my wardrobe!

This skirt's by Switchblade Stiletto, available at ModCloth or direct from the site.

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  1. Love the look! I'm so jealous, that mirror, I want it!


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