Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Summer Burlesque Blitz Bootyliciousness, Part 2: Va-Va Voom Vaudeville

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I don't want you thinking the Summer Burlesque Blitz was all naughty man-junk shaking. My newest burlesque girl crush Kita St. Cyr produced a nice show with some big names and the next day I got treated to some great vaudeville.

The Friday night of I saw Kita's new show Intime Burlesque. She opened the show with her sexy fan dance and then was emcee for the rest of the night. Here's the thing about Kita: when she's stripping, there's perfect, cool magic. But then she finished her act, threw on a beautiful sheer robe over her sparkly pasties and was a sweet, hilarious dork. And I think that's what makes her and performers like her cool. Yes, she's naked, but she's also just a regular person. It takes serious balls to first go onstage and take off your clothes and even more balls to just be yourself while being naked. So hats off to her.

During a little break, I embarrassed myself onstage with a little ass-shaking of my own and won some beautiful paper dolls, one for each member of the Rhinestone Follies. I was hoping I'd win the pasties but I guess I'll have to learn to twirl my tassels another time.

Kita rounded up big, wonderful performers for her show like Beelzebabe and Hazel Honeysuckle. But I really fell in love with the last act by Tiny D. I'd never heard of her or seen her perform before but trust me, I'll never forget her:

Texas Burlesque Festival 2013 from Tiny D on Vimeo.
This is the number she did, sans boys. Are you amazed yet?

Saturday night was Burlesque-a-Pades, a variety show put together by Angie Pontani and other big names. Cheesy jokes and striptease are kind of my favorite things, so I'll be looking for Burlesque-a-Pades again soon! Little comedy sketches broke up the strip acts by Gal Friday (guys, I love her so much), the Maine Attraction, and of course Angie Pontani. I was completely blown away by her ballet act (sorry, I can't find a video!). She was on pointe the whole time, dancing to La Vie en Rose while wearing a sheer outfit. You think there isn't art in stripping? Think again.

A big thanks to the Horse Trade Theater for inviting me to see all these performances. This was an incredible festival and I can't wait to see what comes next.


  1. I have never been to a show before. Looks like a lot of fun for those that do go. Great article!

  2. I wish I could attend a similar show :)

  3. Wow! so jealous that you went to these shows. :) Glad you enjoyed yourself. And I agree that it takes some serious balls to be yourself - especially naked! Katia has those gorgeous bedroom eyes. love. xoxo


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