Sunday, September 22, 2013

Ladies Who Brunch

The weekend before last, I had a chance to eat with some like-minded vintage-loving ladies at Schiller's Liquor Bar on the Lower East Side. I found these women, or they found me, through Meetup. I signed up a few years ago because I was looking for people to dance salsa with and later go on photography tours with, but every once in a while something way better comes through. This invitation was one of them.

Our fearless leader Nicole asked us to dress in 1940s or 40s-inspired look. My favorite 1940s dress was in the cleaners, so I wore a shirtwaist dress (womp womp). At least it was one of my favorites.
Dress - Wildfell Hall Vintage on Etsy

1950s crochet lace gloves - Dandelion Vintage

I had a lot of really great conversations with these ladies. They're artists, fashion students, marketing people and all around cool people.

Of course, we had people ask us what the occasion was. "It's Saturday!" That, to me, is a damn good reason to put on a pretty dress. We had a couple people ask to take our picture and our server brought us a free banana split. We were that good-looking.

I especially loved this lady's Trashy Diva dress, updo and bird earrings to go with her parrots

Orchids! A woman after my own heart.

And I love any backseam detail on tights, especially like this. And she added the spikes to her shoes herself! Badassery.

I'm looking forward to hanging out with these women in the future. To be perfectly honest, I was a little put off by the idea of hanging out with people just because they wear the same kind of clothes I do at first. It seemed shallow and I was nervous about making small talk with strangers because I was so worried we wouldn't have anything in common beyond on our outfits. But these women are fabulous! It's nice to make new friends.


  1. Omg that is so fab! I only have two good friends here (in NY) that is into vintage and a blogger as well and like 2-3 vintage sellers but you totally scored! Its so hard to find a vintage community in NY and you found one-whoot! xox


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