Saturday, September 7, 2013

Retrofit: The Lazy Pinup

I don't always set my hair. I certainly don't always pile it into a 40s-inspired updo. Sometimes I throw on a scarf and call it a day.

(stole the scarf from my mom, bought the sunglasses for $5 in the Times Square train station, got the vintage bracelet on Etsy)

I've been experimenting with suicide rolls (an upside down victory roll or really big standing pin curl), and I quite like how this one came out. Pretty lucky, since this was my first time doing it. Hope it's this nice the next time!

This is an outfit from last week. I like how on lazy days--no time to iron, not in the mood for heels or petticoats--I've found ways to still keep it vintage. This skirt was actually sold as part of a suit at Nordstrom a few years ago and here I am wearing it with a plain white t-shirt. My mother bought it for me at a time when she wanted me to have nice work clothes; she'd be appalled to see just how casual my office is. The silhouette and the fact that it's double breasted make the skirt feel sort of 40s to me, so I ran with that idea when I accessorized.

And check out my loafers! I scooped up these classic Bass Weejuns at Burlington Coat Factory for just $20 when I was indulging in some post-break up retail therapy at the start of the summer. On my visit to the Ivy Style exhibit last fall, I learned this style of shoe was nicknamed the Weejun because they're styled after traditional Norwegian shoes.

How do you stay fabulous on lazy days?

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  1. I love how simple this look is, classic and casual! And I love the shoes too; I have such a soft spot for loafers.
    Hair scarves are a lifesaver, definitely the more glamorous alternative to the modern messy bun or ponytail, and certainly my go to for lazy days.


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