Thursday, October 3, 2013

Let's Get Ready for Plaidurday!

This Friday is Plaidurday, a cute little celebration of all things plaid. I heard about the idea a few years ago and I like that it's still going strong. But when I check out the Facebook page, I'm seeing a lot of plaid shirts on hunters and hipsters. That's cool and everything, but I'd like to bring the class black to plaid.

Audrey Hepburn rocking the hell out of some plaid

So this Friday when Plaidurday rolls around, I'm asking all you to wear it with a vintage twist. Post photos on Instagram or Twitter and tag me (@itsdlovely) and use the hashtag #retroplaidurday. I'll also start a Linky List here so you can show your outfits. 

Plaid: not just for flannel.

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